Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ten on Tuesday: Revisiting the State Fair.

Today is a great day to revisit our day at the fair, just a week ago yesterday, because the difference in our weather in just a week is shocking. When we walked out of the fair it was a sweltering 87 degrees. Today we are down THIRTY degrees to barely 57! I mean, I'm in a t-shirt (that I'm pulling down all day, hello, can we say, maternity shopping?), a sweatshirt, and a jacket, and I'm still standing in the sun and feeling the cold wind is truly stealing all the warmth of the sun.

But onto the fair!

1. First of all, Ron dressed her. I mean, I put out her clothes, but I can't help it if he thinks it best if her socks are pulled up to her knees and she thinks this is fancy, too.2. We went with our wonderful friends and neighbors who have these two boys that Alla is in love with. The grown-ups stopped for coffee and mini-donuts while the kiddos ran around. We got there at 8:30 am...
3. A huge hit was the giant slide. She went twice.
4. Just a little of the carrying by mama.

5. A local band was singing Johnny Cash songs, so Alla was in heaven. Check out the moves of Alla and Canton!

6. The food is what you go for, really, so here's what we ate: besides the mini-donuts and coffee (of which I was able to have a few measley sips), we had amongst us a hot dog (Alla!), deep fried smelt (basically walleye sticks with tartar sauce), gyros, ice cream, a bucket of cookies, deep fried Spam balls, and a great glass of fresh squeezed lemonade on the way out.7. The pregnant mama was not allowed on the skyride, but Ron had fun holding onto Alla for dear life.8. We headed over to the kiddie midway after that because they were melting and we thought we should end on a high note. They got to pick three rides. The bumper boats: big hit.9. The motorcycle, not so much.
10. So we walked her on over to the merry-go-round cause that's a foolproof way to put a smile on her face.Bonus: What we didn't know then was that the biggest smile of the day would come after that, when we were on our way out and an older couple came up to us and said they had a present for our daughter. They had evidently gotten a grab bag of some sort and the stuffed dog in it really wasn't something they were going to use. Oh. My. Goodness. You'd have thought Elmo had just moved in with her or something. She said thank you and then she talked to that dog all the way to the car, and then all the way home. I suggested that she give that doggie a good name, and she almost immediately said "Maurice," and we later figured out that she'd named her doggie after the author Maurice Sendak. The best part for me was when she said on the way home, "That was nice of that person to give me my doggie." Melting my heart.

'Til next year! When we'll brave it with two!


Amy said...

What a wonderful day! Fun pictures, beautiful family, and what a little lady you have!

Megan said...

What a thoughtful couple. Alla must have caught their eye. Sounds like a great trip. No fried snickers this year? And what's up with the fried spam balls?

Susie said...

Right on, Alla! By far, my favortie ride was always the BIG slide at the LA County Fair- I could have climbed and slid all day long, I think!

Tara said...

I love the yellow socks - they are awesome.

andrealavin said...

Fried Spam Balls? I'm scared! That little Alla is so dang smart! She would love Ginger... :)

Sue Thomas said...

Oh I just love what Alla said about getting the dog!! She is so incredibly sweet!!!! Fun fair recap, j.j.!!!!!

SanJosemommyof2 said...

Deep Fried Spam balls? Yummy....?

Shelly Z. said...

I cannot believe you ate the spam balls...I heard about them on the radio and thought, "Who would eat a friend spam ball??" HA HA!!!! So, was it good?