Thursday, November 29, 2007

California recap: mommy friends.

I swear, once I've posted all these great vacation pictures, there won't be anything exciting to post. Except we might get some snow this weekend. And it is the magical Christmas season, so maybe there's some inspiration there.

Alla joined in on Wyatt and Jack's soccer class before our visiting commenced, and let me tell you how much I loved watching her do this. Wow. She was a bit tired by the end of it, since the kid woke up so dang early everyday in California, but she had a great time kicking the ball around and off the 'volcano' and shouting 'oh yeah!' with Coach. I'm thinking soccer next summer.
Now this little cutie is Lacey's new little love, Miss Reese Victoria. A spitting image of her older brother, Jack.
All the little ones we tried to line up in a row. Why do we save this for the end of the day? They really did have fun.
And last but not least, me and Kel (thanks for this Paula!). I would leave you to guess who is more pregnant, but I can already guess who you'd pick, so I'll just tell you. In this picture I'm 22 weeks and Kel is 31 weeks. Yep she's due two months before me, to the day, but for some reason that little girl inside her is keeping Kel nice and little and whoever is inside of me (dinosaur? big foot?) is making me a giant.
Can't wait til the next time we catch up, girls...with a few more little ones under foot.


A.K. said...

it's definitely just the tshirt- yours is more fitted than hers, that's all! :)

boo arnold said...

GET OUT with those reese pictures!!! gorgeous!! ok, i need one of the kiddos pics. will you email it to me? they are all so cute and at such a fun age!

Amy said...

What fun pictures! And you look wondeful. . . all belly, and such a cute belly, too!

Susie said...

Are you sure there isn't a second pondegore (sp?) tucked in behind there??

Elizabeth said...

You look adorable... hope you're feeling adorable, too. I'm with Susie--are there two Pondegores??