Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Fair warning: this is a no-picture post. Posting pictures requires having the time to upload and edit them. Haven't had that kind of time this week yet.

2. On my nightstand: a penny, the 3 books I read to Fisher after he nurses every morning, a couple of Alla's drawings from December to file in her fourth-year scrapbook, and the two [fake] fish she asked me to babysit.

3. Watched Gone Baby Gone Sunday night.

4. Still full from all the Valentine's cupcakes. In my hunt for a wonderful fish birthday cupcake idea, I checked out Hello, Cupcake from the library - yum, yum. For Heart-Day we ended up with chocolate cupcakes and Almost-Homemade Vanilla Buttercream frosting.

5. So excited about friends' new babies.

6. How about Northwest Airlines starting up their peanut service again? Like I needed one more reason not to fly. Ever.

7. We have a serious plain yogurt addiction in this house. Alla and I have been through 4 pounds of it in 9 days. I'm very distraught that it's now gone and it won't be topping my oatmeal in the morning.

8. Fisher is a big fan of sharing my oatmeal with me.

9. At 11:30 on Tuesdays and Thursdays, the parents wait for the preschoolers right outside their class. It doesn't matter if Alla is the first one to come out of the room, we are still always the last to leave the parking lot. That's because when she comes out, school bag in hand, she has to take all the stuff out of her school folder to show me, right then. Mommy there's something amazing in my folder! I think - when that little girl comes out in red pants, a yellow shirt, and a new haircut, shouting unabashedly about something amazing - that she's amazing.

10. We went outside after lunch today, the last warm (38 degrees) day on the forecast for awhile. No coats. Pants, socks, and a onesie for Fisher. Alla took her socks off and walked all over the remaining ice.


Cathy Bolander said...

Nice 10 even without the photos. Crazy cold people. I was freezing in my house today because the carpet cleaner needed to keep the front door open & it was 64 degrees inside.

Megan said...

Jamie is the same way with her bag of goodies from school. I have convinced her that if she keeps it in her bag until we get home we can all sit on the floor while lunch is getting ready and we can all enjoy the superness of her bag. She bought it for now!

erin said...

Great. We're headed to MT tomorrow on Northwest...yep, me and the peanut allergic B-Ro. Thanks for the heads-up.

SanJosemommyof2 said...

We go through a lot of plain yogurt here too. My new obsession is Chobani but it's so hard to find here (and hardly available anywhere else in the country either). So good! Also, Gone Baby Gone. What did you think? Man, I had disturbing dreams after that. But my friends cousin plays the mother of the little girl. She was so awesome in that movie! Especially when you go and see her in something else and realize how far from that character she really is.

Susie said...

I still can't get used to the idea that 38 is warm, even when it is!

Dre said...

What? i can't even handle 40 degrees with with my cold weather gear on (beanie, scarf, gloves, sweater, jacket, jeans, boots)! your fisher was in a onesie and alla barefoot! they build 'em stong in Minnesota! ha ha ;)

Susan said...

when 38 is "warm" you know you are officially a true mn'er. ;) miss you guys!!!