Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Do you see why we call him Bozo or Crazy Hair sometimes? I should really refer back to Alla's pics from her first year because she was off-the-charts crazy hair. But for a boy who doesn't have much hair anyway, this is Crazy. 2. My son is going on two hours for his afternoon nap today. I scrapped a page, uploaded and edited some pictures, and am now working on this post. Holy good use of my time.

3. Yesterday Alla told Ron that for S week at school (they are currently on Q week, she's just thinking ahead), she wants to bring his screwdriver. This was prompted by his having left it on the counter after installing some more cabinet locks. It's an electric screwdriver so he obviously told her that wouldn't be a very good idea but maybe she could take one of his smaller ones. She then said she wanted to get her own screwdriver so that she could, and I quote, "Screw. With. Daddy." Her emphasis, not mine. We about died laughing.

4. We're late-lunchers around here. It's rare that we get to the lunch table much before one.

5. Taken at her request at the lunch table yesterday. Muffin Tin Mondays are still going strong around here.

6. At Target on Sunday, I poured my coffee beans into the grinder, only to discover that someone had left theirs in there, un-ground, and walked away. So I had to grind some of theirs into another bag, and then randomly decide it was time to stick mine in. Only my bag started to overflow, so obviously the first bit in there is that other person's coffee and who knows what it is. Darnit. I think I need to just get my own grinder.

7. Speaking of coffee, after reading the recent issue of Consumer Reports, we switched to Eight O'Clock brand coffee. I'm liking it better than the Archer Farms stuff at Target.

8. My little baby will be TWELVE MONTHS OLD in three weeks and two days. I cannot handle it.
9. We made coconut macaroons this weekend. First off, they are divine. Second, they are easy. Third, they lose their outer crispiness in a tupperware overnight, and are therefore best fresh out of the oven. Only downfall is how many the recipe makes. So invite some friends who like coconut and bake up a batch!

10. Took the kiddos for a run this afternoon in the double jogger. It was 38. It was lovely!


Megan said...

I love Bozo's (I mean, Fisher's) crazy hair. Adds character. I love Alla's eyes in that picture. Three weeks is way too soon because the next week is my almost two year old's second birthday and I'm in the same place as you.

Tara said...

I can't believe one year - WOW!!! Love the crazy hair and of course the smile. I need to start muffin tin Monday - you always have such great ideas.

Samantha said...

He does look like Bozo. :) A very cute one, though.

Samantha said...

Caroline recently told one of my friends out of the blue that "Daddy found some foul stuff in my crack!" She was referring to the mess of toys, books, dress-ups, etc., in the crack between her bed and her wall, but needless to say we were hysterical!

Amy said...

"Screw. With. Daddy." Hilarious!

Love Fisher's hair and that you were able to document the silliness. I can't believe he's going to be 1 so soon!

Melanie said...

we late lunch here as well. notice i did not say we nap long here.

and seriously crack me up, alla.

Susie said...

It's in the 50s here- it's like summer! Or... a spring tease!

Cathy Bolander said...

Your kids are funny but cute. Love the crazy hair.

Katie said...

Love the screwdriver comment! Awesome!

I can't believe Alla is two months away from FOUR and Fish will be ONE next month. I even has his present all packaged up to be shipped!