Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Playing under the table and dreaming.

Ah, these two. It's highs and lows with them, not a lot of just hanging out. She loves him fiercely, he doesn't want to be smothered. He wants to snuggle her, it ends in her hair being pulled. But sometimes, just sometimes, they are sweet together, each of their needs met at the same time, by one another. He wants to play, she wants to nurture. He needs a song, she knows how to sing it.

It's hard to remember when I'm pulling him out of her hair, or pushing her back off of his squishy, oh-so-kissable cheeks for the fifteenth time that hour, that they are gift to each other as much as they are gifts to me.


Megan said...

It's simply amazing to me that the girls know exactly what Jacob needs when he needs it. Sometimes Jamie just knows what he said and just does it or gets it. Like I have no clue what to do and Jamie swoops in and just does it. It's the same here with all three. It melts my heart when they all three play that way and all is right with the world, even if it is only for a minute!

Susan said...

these photos are totally priceless.... i love, LOVE how well you captured their little play time together :)

erin said...


Love that last pic, J.J.!

Amy said...

Awwww. Love, love, love this!

Tara said...

I LOVE it!!! Ashby is definitely the nurturer and Roe just eats it up. Great photos!

Sara said...

Love the title of this one