Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Ten on Tuesday.

1. We have a strict let-them-go-the-day-you-catch-them-policy in our house now, after a different frog and a big grasshopper lost their lives in our [daughter's] care. She means well, Little Lover of all Creatures.2. We do allow a few minutes to say goodbye before it's time to let them hop.
3. And, of course, we take them to a fine new home, just up the road, at the stream.4. Luckily we were able to persuade her that this newly out of the nest baby bird would not like it too terribly much if we put him in her bug house. Look at that new fuzz! He must have sat there on that branch all day.
5. My request system at the library is either completely jacked up, or several books have come in faster than I expected and, therefore, all at once. I have two on my nightstand and two waiting at the library! One I've waited months for, so I'll have to pick that one up, but knowing that I cannot read 4 books in 3 weeks, I had to cancel one of them. But of course I want to read them all!
6. I am so excited! I purchased Nutcracker tickets today for me and Alla! I've been waiting for the right year, and I hope this is it. December 20th, here we come.
7. We'll call this the stairs series, since the little man likes to just lay there and gaze up at me.

8. His official first day of school photo.
9. Today is the first day of dance class for Alla!
10. Colorado here we come - friends, we can't wait to see you all! Alla has already informed me that she will wake up a little early on Airplane Day just so she can have some getting ready time and art time. Whatever. Fisher just wants to see Jay-bup.


Megan said...

I love Fisher's hair on the steps. I hope Alla has a fantastic time at class tonight. Oh, and "Jay-bup" can't wait to see him! Pack in layers...

Sara said...

The stair pics are great. Have a wonderful trip.

Susie said...

Have a super fun weekend!!