Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Ten on Tuesday.

1. We took the kids to the zoo Sunday morning. We've officially gotten our money's worth, but should go one more time to be one-up on the zoo.2. Labor Day festivities included getting the pink car out. This was Fisher's inaugural ride.

3. I'm sitting here wearing a bead bracelet and numerous clips and ponies, plus a headband, all courtesy of Alla's fancy hair doing.

4. Old burp cloths make the perfect kid-sized hand towel for the bathroom sink.

5. As soon as he comes out the door he's looking for someone to say hello to. Yesterday it was Jacob, aka J-bape.

6. I think our garden is on its last leg, which is very sad because we've only been enjoying its fruits since the beginning of August, due to our cool summer. Fisher keeps looking for more kee-bee and there are two [zucchini] growing but not exactly ready yet. I think this is driving him insane.

7. Finally got this picture taken over the three-day weekend, so now I can frame it and stop feeling guilty that in the kids' room there's an Alla Rd street name framed, but nothing Fisher-related.

8. Sometimes I wonder how many times a day I say no to Fisher and hold on to Alla.
9. With the gazillion catalogs we get around here, I've been making paper beads, which are quite lovely and an oddly satisfying little craft project (for me, that is - the actual bead making is a little too tedious for a four year old). All the day long these little gems are drying on the ends of paint brushes, and then being added to the jelly jar. I've told Alla that when it's full she will have enough to string a necklace. This will be a joyous day.
10. From the garden, and making us happy. It's the little things.


Megan said...

I was just thinking of Alla's sign and wondered if you had one for Fisher. That is weird. Looks like a fun time at the zoo.

Norina said...

Alla and Fisher in that pink car is just too cute!

Amy said...

What gorgeous flowers! Our farmer's market was awesome tonight, but there's only 2 weeks left. . . ah the plight of the northern gardener!

Cathy Bolander said...

Looks like you had a nice day at the zoo. Love the pink car & Fisher is getting so big. I don't think I will ever be able to find road names with my boys' first names. Rick's dad does live on Bolander Road though. (He was able to name the road himself. :-)

Samantha said...

Seriously? You tell Fisher no? William tells ME that all day long. :)