Friday, November 06, 2009

Library day.

Fridays have become our library day. Not that we're opposed to going on other days, even multiple weekdays. We used to head over as soon as we had a bunch of requests ready for pick-up. Now we have music class on Fridays, which ends at 10:30, and the library is right on our way home. So we stop with our bag and load up. As of our trip today, we currently have 38 items out. This is no light bag casually slung over my shoulder as we walk back to the parking lot and I attempt, so far successfully, to keep my children from being run over by another minivan.

Fisher is not actually reading a library book in this picture of what they looked like as they waited for lunch today, but that's simply because we didn't find any suitable "digger books" today. Better check the rest of the state of Minnesota for a better selection.

So, what did we find? What did we request? A peek into our bag:

The Three Little Gators
Chicken Cheeks
City Animals
The Little Yellow Leaf

Plus, a few magazines for me, and Toy Story 2 for Alla to watch in the morning.

Unfortunately, she also has free reign of the bag and is able to put in whatever will fit in there, which means we also got about ten paperbacks of the Barbie, My Little Pony, Thumbelina, or Other Lame Princess persuasion, five of which we read this evening. Which is why I make it my personal goal to pick true gems to make up for that trash:)


Amy said...

Our library day is Wednesday. I love seeing Hayden sitting at the table flipping through a book, just like Alla and Fisher! (And can't wait to see Benjamin joining him. . .) 38 books is quite impressive! And I'll admit that I'm a bit of a children's book snob, too!

Melanie said...

wednesdays our are library days - right after story time. an ironically, i just got an e-mail with a pick-up notice. :)

Elizabeth said...

We live in parallel universes, J.J., because you just described our library experience exactly. We might even have 38 books checked out right now. : )