Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Ten on Tuesday.

1. It's Day Three of Fisher not getting along with the whole Falling Back concept. Seriously, 5:15? I mean that's early even by pre-time change standards.

2. We are going to need a second set of winter sheets. For some reason, we have two sets of summer-weight, but only one set of winter ones - they're jersey, but I'd like something else. Something tells me flannel sounds better than it actually is - not soft. Suggestions?
3. Alla tells me she has to plan a trip to Africa (here's where I thought she was going to tell me about the animals she wanted to see) because there are real pirates (They really do exist!) that she has to kill. But she has to wait til she's about ten, she says, cause she'll be so much smarter then. And Fisher will be older to go with her and Carter and Canton. After nap I think she's going to start planning the trip with them. You know pirates have swords that are very dangerous, she tells me.
4. Fisher's favorite book these days - Little Gorilla.

5. In general, this past month has meant a huge growth in his love of books. He wants to sit for longer ones, he has lots of favorites, instead of just two naptime books and two bedtime books. Now he's choosing from a bunch, and sometimes picking ones he's never read. It's very exciting! Not to mention all the memories I have of reading them with Alla.
6. He is super accident-prone. Thursday morning he and Alla were playing, and that ended in badly bruised teeth that had to be seen by the dentist (and of course since these are his two front top teeth, he continues to bonk them instead of letting them heal). Later that day he put himself in a basket and then promptly tipped right over and bonked his head on a corner, immediately resulting in a Looney Tunes-worthy knot. By the end of that day, I pretty much wouldn't even let him walk around. I must have forgotten how traumatized I was, however, because the next morning I left him upstairs while I started laundry, and no more than one minute later I hear a commotion and find blood. Turns out Alla left her scissors close to the edge of the table and Fisher (of course) found them. She figured the best thing to do was rip them out of his hand. Probably leaving them in his hand would have been a better thing to do. At that point I was just glad the blood wasn't from his front teeth actually coming out and lying there on the floor.

7. Good thing he's so cute. And sweet! He gives us smooches. And the squeezes, and runs around saying I love you I love you, too.

8. Good thing she's cute, too. And sweet! She brought me an apple snack today, and then helped dust the whole house. And snuggled me during our bedtime story - Vunce Upon a Time.

9. Pomegranate season is here! The little girl is super excited about this and has eaten 3 in a week. And they're BIG!
10. This probably should have been #1, but, um, it's November?


Jen Weaver said...

I highly recommend Northern Nights super chunky flannel sheets! QVC.com sells them. We have the regular and the 5.4, which is a lighter weight flannel. Both are really cozy. The downside....it's more difficult to roll out of bed in the morning!

Amy said...

I love our flannel sheets in winter. . . mmmmm so cozy!

And that poor Fisher. Ouch!

Marie said...

good to know that your son has also
1. bonked his front teeth-already chipped here
2. had scissors in his hand thanks to older sister
3. has had huge bumps on the noggin multiple times.

because that is also my life right now...

Megan said...

That's a boy's life apparently. Jacob has a bruise of some sort all the time. And Alla wants to kill pirates? Where does that come from?

jody said...

Weird...I also only have a set of Jersey sheets and have been thinking i need something else, not flannel.
When Olivia was 2 she bumped her chin resulting in her two top teeth cutting open her bottom lip. She did this twice in the same spot over the course of that year..she still has a tiny scar on her lip!
And, if this is November, I'm liking it better than October...so far, anyway!!!!

Katie said...

Johnnie is having the same problem if that makes you feel better.

I had a pair of flannel sheets that we used in AL that were sooo soft and warm (still are). Can't say we really use (or need) them in CA. I wonder if I still have them? I should send them to you if I do...

Susie said...

I may just have to break down and get a pomegranate this year. . . any suggestions on eating them and staying clean?