Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Fisher is officially back on track. No more of that 5:15 nonsense. Halleluiah.

2. Last night after the kids went to bed, I said outloud, I love my life.

3. And then I said, I would love my life even more with a bowl of ice cream. And chocolate chips. And bananas. And chocolate syrup.

4. I've addressed my Christmas cards.

5. Fisher constantly tells us, Have it. But it sounds like havee-oht which is so cute we almost give him whatever he wants to have.

6. He also has decided that frantically saying I love you I love you too means that he won't have to do whatever it is he's decided would not be a good thing to do. So, for example, if you have to change his diaper and he is not for that, then he just keeps telling you, I love you Daddy I love you too, over and over, because he thinks this will get him out of the diaper changing. As if I love you = please.

7. One of my favorite blogs had this brilliant idea yesterday, just as I was getting super sick of doling out a piece of Halloween candy here and there, so I implemented it last night and went to bed (after that nice gussied up bowl of ice cream) feeling like Super Mom. Alla used her 'stay up until 8:15' (woo) coupon as soon as she had that hot little number in her hand. We used the time to do art, which turned into Christmas-list-making (she apparently wants Santa to bring her a stuffed animal squirrel and a stuffed animal skunk).

8. This turned into her telling me that when we were at the hospital when Fisher was born she was sad because we weren't there to kiss her goodnight. Which led to me explaining that I could.not.get.out.of.bed, so Daddy had to be there, too, to help me take care of newborn Fisher. Then she 'got' it, and decided to wish for bunk beds (for her and Fisher) and a new baby - all for Christmas, please.

9. At Half Price Books yesterday I scored The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society for seven dollars. We as a rule don't usually buy ourselves books in this house (I'm a sucker for kids' books, though, once in a while), however, I've been on the library list for this one for months now, and I'm sure that my number will come up right at the height of the busy Christmas season, and because it's so sought-after, will only be a two-weeker, so I won't get to finish it and then will have to wait another seven months to get it again. There are at least three other books on my request list with similar circumstances, so I spared myself the rushed reading and just bought it. For half-price.

10. I am totally digging this woman's workouts lately.


Norina said...

Zech uses the sign for "please" the way Fisher uses his "I love you" to try adn get out of things. They are so funny aren't they!

Megan said...

The kids don't even remember that Halloween was a few weeks ago, let alone that all the candy is still in the pantry. I love that because I can give it out as treats for good things (like going to the potty or not sassing when asked to do a chore!).

Shelly Z. said...

Shoot...if only I knew, I could have given you the Guernsey!! Not that I'm in Shoreview or you in Plymouth THAT often :-)