Thursday, April 01, 2010

Bunches and bunches of California.

Did you know that California is literally a wonderland of diggers? I mean they are just a-building every which way, and Fisher could not be happier that there were diggers around the corner from Uncle John and Aunt Jenn. I think he'd like to move there, just for the diggers.

He also liked the surprise birthday celebration.
It's hard to not enjoy watching your food-allergic diabetic child enjoy a perfectly safe birthday cuppycake.
It's also hard not to enjoy your little brother's birthday gifts. Vroom-vroom!
I didn't even try not to be jealous of the gorgeous white spring blooms. Wow.
The best part of a visit that involves other children is always bathing with them. Well at least to my daughter, not necessarily to my nephew.
Who is, by the way, SO cute.
And I can't get away from these photographs. Such lovely afternoon light.

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Amy said...

Great pics! They make me warm with all that lovely California sunshine!