Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Meet my nephew.

The kiddos are feeling much better today, which I could attribute to my incredible Mommy skills, but is most likely due to the surge of nice weather we're having (it's seventy degrees already!).

So let's get on with those California pictures.

Why did we go to California? Was it for the palm trees and sunshine? No, let's be honest, we just wanted to meet our nephew. It was lovely to see my brother and sister in law, and my mom and stepdad and have all of us together, la la la. But we really went to California to meet Ashton :)
My brother John and his first-born -
Ashton and his gorgeous Mommy, Jenn. Here's an interesting tidbit for those of you who've known me for many years: Jenn is, of course, Jennifer, and now her married name is Jennifer Fagan, which is my maiden name:) Ashton and his Aunt J.J. - Ashton and his Uncle Ron - Ashton and his Nana - What is the problem here? Going through these photos I realize I have a shot of Ashton with almost everyone, but none of Ashton with both of his parents. So I guess I'll be keeping the pre-wedding photo of them up on our wall for sometime.
Back soon with another batch of warm, sunshine-y pictures!


Megan said...

He is gorgeous! Love those eyes!

Katie said...

Such a cutie! Glad you guys got to hang out and get to know him. :-)