Thursday, April 28, 2011

Birthday girl.

We surprised the birthday girl on Tuesday by picking her up from school and taking her out to Red Robin, where both Daddy and Pappi met us. Of course there was the birthday singing and balloons that will hang around our house for awhile. The rest of the day we waited for Daddy to come home so she could open presents. She made me hide them.

The first year she is reading her own birthday cards!

The ones she could remember to get to before ripping open the gifts, that is!

We surprised her with the pink guitar she's been asking for since last summer.

She's smitten. The next Carole King, I think.

6:37 - officially SIX!

Oh, so patiently waiting for chocolate-chocolate chip cake! I saw her mouth the words of her wish - she's still wishing for a magic wand with real magic.

At bedtime, there were two more presents waiting in her drawers - matching jammies for her and Lily! She was over the moon, and said over and over all day long, This is the best birthday ever!

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