Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter in pictures.

It started at 6:20 am. Hence the moon.But kiddos don't wait for Easter and eggs and finding and opening, do they?

We've had some super crummy spring weather here, but isn't this just the picture of Easter? I mean, I think it's always been this way, no matter what it was the day before or after, the nature of Easter is this glorious sunny blue sky.

Our third annual trip to the Minnesota Zoo - farm babies, tractor ride, cute baby piggies, stinky cows.

And, new this year, topping it off with dinner at Nana and Pappi's!

Thank you, Easter Bunny, for a lovely, exhausting day.

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Arnold Party of 5 said...

You kiddos have such great parents:) Love the hunt in the back yard, great memories:)