Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Save the worms.

Sunday morning I hadn't gone too far on my run before I started noticing tons of stuff in the road, and shortly after that I realized they were worms. As in hundreds of worms. As in, suddenly I was leaping over them on my tippy toes so as not to crush the survivors.
When I was home stretching, I told Alla all about it, and of course my little animal rescuer dashed out the door to save as many as she could. It wasn't long before her sidekick came out to join us.

I'm sure we saved at least a hundred worms, but when it was time to come in (I had to shower and eat, for pete's sake!), Alla was sad for the ones we couldn't save. Love that girl!


Shelly Z. said...

CUTE!!!! And good for you for running!! You are an inspiration to all of us runner-wannabes :-)

Megan said...

It looks to me that Fisher's worm isn't surviving with his little pinch he's got going on. Save the world Alla one worm at a time!

Sara said...

Love the worm story, but love Fisher's Steeler shirt even better!

Cathy Bolander said...

Yuck! It's sad to say but I'm actually glad that my boys aren't into saving the world like your sweetie pie.