Monday, August 15, 2011

This is not a necklace.

This is not a necklace. It is a string of one hundred beads, each representing having read one book.

At the beginning of the summer (fearing the summer slide), I asked Alla how many books she thought she could read over the summer, to which she responded, 100. So she got busy reading.

And, last Thursday I watched her read the 100th book, put the 100th bead on her long, long string, and feel so proud for having reached that very big goal. This weekend she was rewarded with a trip to the bookstore for 5 new books, and and afternoon of swimming and ice cream with Daddy. We are very proud of you, Alla Balla!

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Melanie said...

way to go, alla!

C and i read 40 books together to get a free book from the library. (this competetive mama loved every moment of it! and so did C.)