Monday, August 08, 2011

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Four weeks left of summer.

2. There are 41 miles of paved trails in our city. Lots of running and biking to do here.

3. We are having simply glorious summer weather highs in the seventies.

4. Kiddos are in the midst of a two-week swim camp. Smiles all around.

5. Alla seems to think that heels would be appropriate footwear for school this year.

6. Thinking of taking the kids to a local parade tomorrow evening!

7. 60 pages left of my book, and I'm eager to get on to the next ones!

8. Fisher is up there in bed right now singing his very own version of this song. It is a-dorable. If you need some new kids' music that the grown-ups will love as well, we strongly recommend our local Okee Dokee Brothers.

9. At bedtime tonight Alla told me she can't wait for the next summer break (yes, next summer) so she can spend the whole summer with me. She's looking forward to school starting, but when she starts thinking about it, I believe the idea of being away all day long isn't sounding like her cup of tea.

10. I really don't have ten today, only nine. So here's number ten - I can't even get enough of her.


Katherine said...

Oh my gosh! Guess who we are seeing in concert at the library tomorrow? The Okee Dokee Brothers! I saw the flier for th concert the other day and signed us up even though I'd never heard of them. Just looked them up a couple hours ago to discover how fun they are. I'm totally looking forward to this concert now! Small world.

Cathy Bolander said...

She really is adorable. I love that last photo!

pakosta said...

that's funny you are reading IDA B.! Savannah read that in 4th grade! will you read it to Alla?! I know you loved the Penderwicks as well and I wondered did you just read that or read that to Alla?~!
My girls LOVED the Penderwicks alot!!!

Alla is soooooo CUTE and getting too big!