Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ten on Tuesday.

1. I can't believe how summer is winding down. To be honest, I'm not thrilled about it. I'm not looking forward to September.

2. School supplies have been purchased, and we're in the midst of sharpening all 48 of her pencils. I think we might need a new sharpener.

3. Alla started a chapter book! I don't know if it has seemed too daunting up til now, but she hasn't wanted to try anything longer than the 20-plus Henry and Mudge books, which are about four chapters each.Link
4. Fisher will have the same teacher and aide this year! Yay, that will make for a smooth transition. I hope.

5. This is quickly becoming the Back to School edition of Ten on Tuesday, and at the moment I am firmly against Back to School, so let's change the subject.

6. We are experimenting with quiet time instead of nap time for Fisher. He loves his naps, falls asleep very easily at naptime. But then bedtime is another matter. Sometimes it's ten o'clock before he's asleep. Me thinks that's a bit late for a three year old. Yesterday's experiment went well, although at 4:00 (designated get-up time around here), he told me, But I didn't get to hold Lovey and suck my finger. Because he was too busy reading a pile of books. So cute.

7. Up twice last night. First time: Fisher's friends (all umpteen of them) were no longer tucked in with him, and I had to convince him that keeping them tucked in with him all night wasn't going to happen. Second time: bad dream for Alla. I should have just climbed into bed with her, as sleepy as my eyes still were. Because after being woken up twice, that's pretty much it for me; it's at least an hour til I get back to sleep, and that's after getting up for a bowl of cereal.

8. We made pancakes for breakfast.

9. Meals have been oh so uninspired this summer. Something like this: grill chicken sausage, pick up some corn from the corner stand, make some rice or quinoa. I suppose that's how summer goes, but I do miss more, well, inspired cooking. I hear fall is right around the corner for plenty of that.

10. Things to look forward to in the next two weeks: meeting Declan, meeting Alla's teacher, and the State Fair. That's right, it's that time again. Sigh.


pakosta said...

great job alla on your reading!! seems like just yesterday you were waiting for her to arrive jj and now look at her go! cant' believe it!!!
crazy these years flying by like this. life is a time stealer! hate that so much sometimes!
but I KNOW you enjoy every moment!

jody said...

Oh...do you really have to sharpen the pencils? Olivia's get dumped into a bin and the kids take and sharpen one as needed.

Remember that school doesn't have to be all bad. We can meet for coffee and bagels :-)

Sara said...

I am so with you and the uninspired cooking. I was just thinking that the other day that I needed to dust off some of the old cookbooks and get back in the kitchen with some fresh ideas. Glad I am not the only one.