Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ten on Tuesday.

1. The summer cold has officially arrived. Ron actually brought it home last week after a 2-night work trip, so this year there's no saying, How do you get a cold in the middle of summer?

2. Fisher woke up with a bark of a cough last night, his go-to cold symptom. After I convinced him to eat half an orange this morning to up his vitamin C, he told me that his cold was not gone. He was very upset about this.

3. We had a family picnic on Sunday evening to a local park where The Okee Dokee Brothers were playing. Check out this link at about 1:00 to see Miss Alla saunter down the hill in her yellow top and hot pink skirt.

4. I ordered exactly 100 photos yesterday through Snapfish for exactly one dollar and seven cents (MN tax), shipped. Score.

5. We're sitting here watching Hot Tub Time Machine and it's storming outside. For real.

6. Two more days of swimming camp, and I am hoping that Fisher gets to swim the next two days. I had him sit out today because of his new cold, but he sat there on the sidelines practicing his "Tickle T Takeoff." Anyone else's kids do this in swim class?

7. Have I mentioned the storm? It seems we don't get just rain here anymore, it's torrential, and it's a problem for our backyard. It's Lake MinneKillins back there.

8. Three weeks til school starts for Alla. Better start coming up with some awesome plans for Fish and I.

9. Number nine is Fisher and Pappi, since Nana and Pappi have been gone for almost 2 weeks now and we miss them. 10. Number ten is a random never-shared from the 4th, the kids with their friend Brooke watching Daddy do his firework magic.

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