Thursday, October 20, 2011

Another journey to the Mississippi River.

As I mentioned, we do it up good when folks come to stay. Fisher pretty much thinks everyone needs to visit the Mississippi River in case there's a barge to come through the lock and dam, so we agreed and headed out to enjoy the sunshine.
We did in fact see a barge and a boat go through! Oh, happy day.
Jamie and Fisher, two peas.
Megan and her buddy.
Jamie got a close-up of the lock.If you notice Alla is absent from these pictures, poor girl had to go to school.
That little boy held onto his mama's hand the whole walk across the bridge.From the top of the bridge you look down at a rickety staircase (all those colorful steps are actually the ones marked to be fixed), and the kids were excited to find out that we were going down there!
The view from river's edge.
Love that buddy of mine!

Thanks, Stahrs! Goodness we had fun.

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