Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ten on Tuesday.

1. On our way out the door this morning, Alla asked me if she could bring her two pet slugs to school today.

2. We're in the week-long process of putting away shorts and tanks to make room for fleece and mittens. Kids' room done, only our room and the coat closet to switch out.

3. I am a new iphone owner.

4. How can it be that today is October 25th, meaning that two months from today we'll be sitting around a tree?

5. Today is the last day of our Farmer's Market. It's brisk out there, but I think we'll try and snag some sweet potatoes.

6. Saturday is Alla's first ice skating lesson, and afterward we are seeing The Okee Dokee Brothers! We're like groupies I think.

7. Alla discovered the Beatrix Potter collection at our library and has been making her way through the tiny books. I'm not sure what is more enchanting, the sweet little size of the books, or the old-fashioned language.

8. Hart of Dixie (yes, on the CW) is so enjoyable.

9. Have to go help Fisher clean up blocks from quiet time.

10. And then we're off to pick up Alla!


jody said...

Oh, bummer. I think we are going to do the after Xmas round of skating lessons. Where are the Okie's playing?

Cathy Bolander said...

I can't even imagine how cold it must be getting. I was cold here today & it was 64.

Jenn & John said...

We love Hart of Dixie. Okay so I love it, john will watch it;) BY the way every morning, somtimes all day Ashton says " I need to hear the Fisher song" Which is the Guayajama song.He also absolutely loves the Auctioneer song.