Friday, October 07, 2011

Last picnic.

Tuesday after swimming class we enjoyed this burst of warm air with a walk through the Farmer's Market and a picnic on the grass. I told the kids this would probably be our last picnic of the season - October picnics are pretty unheard of in these parts. We watched geese and ducks fly in v-formation over our heads out of the pond, hoping they weren't aware of some weather change we can't yet sense. We hoped they weren't flying south.We let it get dark, saw the moon, the kids had fussed, but hopefully I won't remember that part.
And the next day Fisher asked me, Mommy, was that our last picnic? Yeah, buddy, for a few-ish months, anyway.

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pakosta said...

they are sooooo cute jj!!!
getting TOOOOOO BIG!
we have had 80's for the last week or so, glorious weather here!
hope you get a few more picnics!