Monday, October 17, 2011

Fire station open house.

We do it up here in Minnesota, when friends come to visit. First off, Alla's soccer game and the touch-a-truck event in the parking lot there (pictures to come), and then, after lunch, we drove a mile to the fire station for their open house. We are Big Time here, folks.
I just want to point out the beautiful skies and the fact that everyone is in summer attire, because surely in a few weeks, we won't be.
Spending the 4 days with these kiddos and their mama and daddy was just awesome. Tell me again why I can have all of my friends and family all in the same city?
Yep Fisher loves The Stahrs very much, but hello, he got to RIDE IN A FIRE TRUCK. IN. A. FIRE TRUCK.
I think I'm an honorary deputy or something.
He got to ride in the fire truck because he first practiced putting out the fire. Notice the stance.
Along with Firefighter Fisher, I introduce you to the other brave firefighters we love.
Firefighter Jacob.
Firefighter Mazie.
Firefighter Jamie.
Firefighter Ron.
And, Firefighter Alla.

The rest of us were too busy fighting fires to pose for pictures.


Megan said...

You do do it up big! The kids were in heaven the entire time. Jacob is still talking about his ride in the "BIG FIRE TRUCK"!

Cathy Bolander said...

I love those Firefighter costume photos. Glad you had fun & wish we could visit. Maybe someday when my kids can take care of themselves a little.