Thursday, May 30, 2013

My mom turns 60.

The weekend before last was my mom's 60th birthday, which we thought out and planned for at least a year, since it involved my brother and his family traveling out here to Minnesota for a long weekend, and also since her 60th was the day after my newphew's 2nd!
So first we celebrated the two-year-old with a piƱata!
And lots of presents and cake pops (my sister in law is an expert cake pop maker!). Hard to resist a fire chief-in-training.
That evening we had a double celebration at the Twins game with a birthday suite, which was super amazing. I actually can't recommend it because there's just nothing like it, and no hundred degree game in cramped, hard seats can really compare to your own room inside and cushy seats outside from which to watch the game (even if they lose, it's still so sweet!).

It was really an enjoyable way for the kids to experience the game. My nephews are 2 and 3, and mine are 5 and 8; all of them liked being able to get up, walk around, eat lots of snacks, switch laps, etc.

The birthday girl and my stepdad enjoying the game from the suite!

The birthday girl and the birthday boy, my two year old nephew Declan! That's my beautiful sister in law back there with my brother. Her parents came out from California for the birthday weekend, too, so it was like a party with twelve of us for all these fun festivities.

The next day we had a lovely brunch together and then Bob grilled one  steaks in the pouring rain. We had a slide show for her, and gifts of course, including all of the letters all of her friends and family had sent to surprise her. I wish I could thank each and every one who took the time to send memories and pictures. She got a stack of pink envelopes with all these wonderful things inside!

There might be nothing more beautiful than a face lit up by candlelight, especially on such a special birthday surrounded by people who love you.

One last special one of my mom and my daughter. Awwww. We love you, Mom!

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