Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Ten on Tuesday.

1. It is spring here. It might rain tomorrow or the next and dip into the 50s (or 30s - overnight), but it is officially spring. No more snow, no more ice, no more footies, no more fires. We're onto bonfires, dining al fresco, the transition of spring boxes, the stowing of snow boots, and the craziness of the month of May. And we're welcoming it.
2. On the other hand, and there's always another hand, I'm not my best in spring, and by that I mean I'm a snotty sniffling mess. But, I'm not scratching my eyes out, as in years past, so there's that.
3. Alla got her face glitter-fied last weekend. I just love this picture of her! 

4. Biked to and from Alla's school today, needless to say there is one little boy who is wiped out and was asleep as soon as we turned the light off. Eight-plus miles of bike riding, and all of the other activities a little boy does in a day (soccer, tennis, some sort of red rover game), really does a kid in.

5. Oh, and allergies or no, we don't just sit around inside sniffling (we sniffle outside). We also drove down to the Mississippi today, which was worth it not only for the gorgeous sky and breeze, but for this: "The Mississippi IS cool, right?" Oh, yeah, buddy, it totally is.

6. What did we ever do before iPhones? However would I have gotten those two shots!

7. Started a very intriguing read, Zero Waste Home, not because I thought we'd completely eliminate our household waste, but because I am completely astounded at this woman's ability to do just that. When I told Ron that the author suggested plucking your leg hairs (each one) as a waste-free alternative to shaving, that was the last straw for him. He declared her completely loopy.

8. Any moms of Lego lovers want to weigh in on this storage bag before I purchase?

9. Our Cinco de Mayo fiesta was just about perfect, thanks to Rick Bayless' flawless margarita and guacamole recipes. Perfecto!

10. If you're local, I've got a special post just for you today over on the photography blog.

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