Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Just a week ago we were at 98 degrees and today we're in the 50s. My hands are freezing typing this - in the house!

2. Because of our delayed spring we have been delayed in getting our garden up and growing. We have peas and radishes in there now, but I'm afraid the crazy rain of the last week has made for pure mud out there. If we don't get some sunshine soon, I don't see how we'll be growing anything. That garden needs to dry out. We may be a completely containered garden this year.

3. All that rain has made for nearly fluorescent colors everywhere, which would be amazing, if it would ever stop raining long enough to go outside and appreciate it. Pink trees! Neon grass! Purple lilacs!

4. Fisher has 4 days of school left, and Alla has 10. Sure wish it felt like summer around here!

5. Had an amazing weekend celebrating my mom and nephew's birthdays! So much awesomeness deserves its own post, but here are the two birthday loves.

6. In case you thought maybe Los Angeles or New York or San Francisco had the highest gas prices in the nation, nope, Minnesota is #2, behind only Hawaii.

7. After checking Fisher last night for the second time at 2:15, I couldn't go back to sleep for a good two hours, so I got up, had some cheese and crackers, read a gardening book, made a list of plants to grow, and started this ToT post!

8. This was taken last week at a ceremony honoring second graders for reading lots of minutes each month. I think that might be on their medals, "You read lots of minutes! Way to go!" Anyway, she wanted a special picture with her teacher, Mrs. Carlson, who has been so wonderful to have this year.

9. So far, no robins. Boo. But I did mistake a toad for a rock yesterday and that freaked me out, because you don't expect a rock to move. The kids are looking forward to the grass drying out enough for a first mow this weekend, not only because it's like a jungle out there, but because there most certainly are more toads hiding.

10. Today over at the photography blog, I'm sharing a personal photo project that every single one of you can start today!

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