Friday, June 02, 2006

Flashback Friday: 2 June 1999

Occasionally Friday is a date with some significance, and as I am a huge date person, I remember lots of them. This makes Flashback Friday relatively easy for me, because rather than search for some semi-interesting photograph or subject matter, there's a good chance that on this day in such and such a year, something interesting did happen.

It just so happens that on this day in 1999, Ron was graduating from the Air Force Academy. It was hot and I could not see him from where I was sitting, but this photo was taken as he officially graduated, 7 years ago today.

7 years ago today we were off on our first venture, moving to Ohio together.

Kind of fitting that now we're nearly off on another venture, moving to Minnesota together, with our daughter. OUR daughter. We've come a long way, baby.

And in a few short weeks, Ron will be saying sayonara to the Air Force. So I thought I'd post a shot of my handsome hubby in uniform to celebrate him. How great he is.


Megan said...

I remember that day. It was so hot. I was videotaping the ceremony that went on forever. It was such a great day, however. Seeing our now husbands graduate from the air force academy. Great photo, too. I have a similar one!

Amanda Cowan said...

What a special flashback! I'm looking forward to doing my own flashback Fridays!

Amy said...

Funny that it didn't dawn on me that today was June 2nd--our day! I was thinking back to our graduation this Wednesday, as I saw Falcon Stadium packed on my way to work and watched the Thunderbirds practicing all week. It's kind of cool being back in Colorado. I love your Flashback Fridays--we've known you (or Ron!) for so long, I've got a pretty good chance of actually remembering the shot you post!

Susie said...

I bet Andy has some memories of this day tcked away too :) How's that for jumping on the bandwagon?