Wednesday, November 08, 2006

70 degrees.

I swear. In the middle of November. Tara and I sat our little ones outside in the fading sun and just enjoyed not being cold. Toes out warm.
In that last one, the dialogue goes something like this: "Here, Ashby, try this leaf. It's much better than that other one you just ate." Love those two little buddies. Tomorrow they'll be singin' a different tune when the cold returns, and with any luck we'll be putting them in snow suits on Friday!


A.K. said...

soo jealous!!!! soak up the sun for us!

Amy said...

We had a 70 degree day here, too! It was wonderful--I picked my favorite short sleeve maternity top to wear one last time (thanks, Meghan!). Supposed to be 60 degrees tomorrow, then back to our typical Colorado Novembers by Friday... Love these shots of Alla, by the way!

Megan said...

Those two look like they have much fun together. Great photos as usual. Can't wait to see the snow suits!

Susie said...

90 degrees and hot here. I know that's not what you want to hear, but I'd take the 70 degree weather any day.

P.S. Totally looking forward to snow gear, too!

Amanda Cowan said...

You mean she sits on a blanket outside? Without running? Towards a street? or a ditch? Wow! Grace would never hear of it!! Lol..I have such an escape artist on my hands..

Tasha said...

Gosh, must be cold. I think 70 degrees is almost freezing. JJ, you are so lucky to get the feel of a real winter.