Sunday, November 05, 2006

Vacation pics, first batch.

Yes I know we've been home for a week now. So here's a few to share, with many more to come. First, Miss Alla and me on the North Bend choo-choo train, which she loved and sat still for the whole hour and twenty minutes. Photo by John Fagan.
Another shot on the train. Alla with her Nana and Pappi. The whole time we were there saying, "Nana house!"Just her at Nana's house. A lucky shot by the window.

Go ahead and laugh, I know you all have your secrets hiding in boxes somewhere. It's just that Mom made us go through our boxes once and for all to see what was worth keeping and what was junk. Don't you even say this should have gone in the garbage. This is Raggedy Ann with all the marker 'make-up' I put on her years ago. Mom washed her, though, and she came out nice and clean. She's now taking up residence in the Twin Cities.


Megan said...

Great photos. I went through my boxes when we moved to Ohio. Most of the things went to Ohio with me. Can't wait to see more.

Susie said...

Lovely :) Do you have Ragged Andy, too??!

Tasha said...

Looove your pics. Do people ever get shocked about Alla's age? She's so big and she looks tall too. I justlove her face.

erin said...

Love the vignetting in that shot of Alla! Very nice! Can't wait to see more!

melanie said...

oh yes, i've got the boxes as well. eeek!