Friday, November 10, 2006

Flashback Friday: Vacation pics, second batch.

Well since I'm so late getting to the vacation pics, I will use them as Flashback Friday. Since it seems so long ago that it really is a flashback, LOL.

Alla really thinks that you can't see her here. "Where Alla?" is what she says.Lots of fun was had at new parks. This is still Seattle. (Remember I said there are lots. So this is the last batch of Seattle, then we will move on to PA once you've digested these.)
I needed a shot of my brother AND Jenn, and this laughing one is a favorite. Happy ones.
Last but not least, Alla's first encounter with a totem pole was a pleasant one. Good thing. We should all have more experiences with totem poles.Happy Friday, all. You will be SHOCKED to hear we are not having pizza tonight. Nope. We are flexible. Going to a friend's for enchiladas and playing. And, Megan, I made your guacamole to bring. For those who have not tried it, hit her up for the recipe. It's divine, and the only guacamole Alla likes.

Oh, and it is no longer 70 degrees, nor did the snow show today. Double bummer.


Megan said...

I didn't know Alla likes my guacamole. I hope it was a hit with your friends. We had pizza for you tonight! Love the pictures.

Amy said...

Nice to see Alla enjoying vacation--any of you and Ron? I look forward to your next installment!

A.K. said...

We got it! We finally made it to 73 degrees here today!!! Thanks for sending it this way!