Friday, December 29, 2006

Lots of little Christmas photographs.

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas! We sure did. Our poor miniature Frosty could have fared better, but what are you gonna do? Alla took 24 hours to really finish opening everything, and we stopped after most gifts to open the packaging so she could fully appreciate what it was. In their original boxes, the gifts were just frustrating, but once she realized she could play with them, she really got excited! Know what would really make her excited? Some of that snow you Coloradoans are getting right now.


erin said...

Believe me J.J., we would share if we could! We're sick of the stuff. Missed out on a fun weekend at the Shertzer's condo because of it!

I LOVE that photo of Alla shopping at Macy's. You're training her young, aren't you?

Megan said...

Great photos. I was wondering when the Christmas photos would arrive. The girls pointed out the Ariel tiera and knew it was from them! They were so excited to see her in the jewelry.

tara said...

awesome shots!
cant believe how many presents there were!!!!!
sheesh!!!!!!!!! that's NUTS!
hope there were alot of people opening them!
love the one of her by macy's with the coat on! i have to scrap a photo of ava in it so you can see!

Tasha said...

Such beautiful pics. Alla really to enjoy herself. Love to see her playing the snow, and I kind of liked frosty. Glad you had a great holiday.

lisa sp said...

Such great pictures JJ. Especially the coat:).

Susanna said...

Goooo otter pops!

Chrissy said...

otter pops rule

Marie said...

yea for the otter pops!!!

Suzanne B. said...

otter pops! woo hoo!