Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ten on Tuesday.

1. I am eagerly awaiting the birth of Miss Susie's baby, aren't you?

2. Alla has a cold.

3. The favorite song in our house at the moment is 'Hark the Herald Angels Sing,' but it has to the Charlie Brown version. You should hear Alla go, 'Hoooooooooo' like those Peanuts do. You all know how the song goes, right?

4. It rained today. Seriously. Don't we live in Minnesota? Isn't there supposed to be snow this time of year? Won't there be a white Christmas forheavensake?

5. If we don't get a bright-as-sun light hung in our living room ASAP I'm going to go mad.

6. Exactly one month from today I get to reunite with some of my mommy friends...and soak up some sun, maybe walk on the strand. Oh, I'm giddy. Need some salt in my hair.

7. Exactly one month from tomorrow I will be thirty.

8. I need a new roasting pan to make my Christmas turkey. Anyone recommend a good one?

9. Did you see this on Martha yesterday? Too cool. Must carve out some time for Al & I to take a stab at that.

10. Ron and I are obsessed with Grey's Anatomy. I think we watched like 5 episodes last night. Unfortunately, we're coming to the end of the stockpile and will soon be sitting around waiting for new ones like everyone else.

How is tomorrow December 13th? What is left of your to-do list?


Susie said...

Wednesday morning update:
still pregnant!

We're waiting around for Grey's to start back up, too. Sigh. Love that show.

tara said...

a gingerbread house will be fuN! lucky you going to CA!
you don't even want to know what is on my TO DO List.

find addresses for 20 or so cards that are still sitting here! mind you i got them out before feb. so that is a huge thing for me!
finish christmas shopping. wrap all the presents.
order savannah's birthday cake.
get stuff for goodie bags etc. for her party on sunday.
go to costco to pick up pictures.
get 2 gifts for the angel tree--newborn baby girls. that should be easY!
clean my house always.
finish making my mom's calendar (actually start it).
mail gifts.
oh gosh must i go on? the list never ends!
have a good one!

Megan said...

We love grey's too. Great ten. I have to just mail out Mazie's birthday invites. Can't wait to see you next month!

Amy said...

Speaking of light in your room--I have no ideas for you. Rich was handy working in the nursery, but it didn't require any electrical work. The Home Depot people near us have been very helpful, so maybe just stop in and ask them in the lighting department. Hope you find your light soon!

Amanda Cowan said...

We have the same light problem in our bedroom..So annoying!! And what is up with the Grey's break? It's bad enough that I have to go..what..8 weeks without my Sawyer Fix!! (Lost reference..for those that aren't completely in love with Sawyer..).