Saturday, December 30, 2006

Some firsts at the end of December.

Yup, that's right. Her first haircut. Have to say, it wasn't all that thrilling at this 'late' age. She sat on a horsey, snip snip those baby tangles out, and voila, she really still looks the same. But mama has some hair for the baby book, and a certificate, too.

Today we stayed in, ditched the Christmas tree and other holiday paraphrenalia. So nice to have the house back to normal, clutter gone, and carpet free of those pesky green needles. And while I made the grocery list (for some other day), Alla passed the time drawing. Sorry she got such nice Christmas gifts, cause all she needed was a pen, sans cap, and a scratch piece of paper.

Another first? Chuck E. Cheese. That's right, we visited that place of childhood joy as parents this time, and after 20 years, the pizza is just as filthy but the childhood joy intact. Alla might have realized that she's too little for lots of stuff (she doesn't really know that putting a token in the toy ride makes it actually go), she sure tried almost everything, the big winner being the frog game where you try and get the balls in his mouth to win tickets. Her 22 tickets scored her a nifty little purple dress up ring.

Happy New Year, are you spending the last days of 2006?


tara said...

awww her curls! at least they are still there! cute cute cute!!!!
we are staying in on new years eve. prob. get some sparkling cider for the girls and watch the disney channel. how's that for excitement?!

Amy said...

Lovely Killins family photo!

And in response to a comment you made on Erin's blog--Rich read the emergency delivery chapter of What to Expect a few weeks ago and declared that he's ready to deliver this baby. . . "bring it on" were his exact words. Good thing sunshine is in the forcast for the next week--I don't want to be brining anything on outside the hospital!

Amanda Cowan said...

We took Grace to Chuck E Cheese in November with her cousins..she loved it! I think we got her a tiny heart-shaped slinky with her tickets..hehe