Sunday, December 10, 2006

Little anniversary.

Today marks one year of six thirty-seven! So in honor of one year blogging, we have a new banner! Really, it takes something significant to get me to make a new banner, cause I liked the old one just fine and it's plenty of work. So get comfy with this one. I imagine you'll be seeing it for awhile.

We went to the Children's Museum this morning, and wowee, did that ever outrank even the zoo. I mean, I have never seen her just go go go nonstop for two hours here to there and everywhere in between and really she could have just stayed all day with the face paint or just the water room she was so entranced. The museum takes up two floors of kid heaven, and we spent two hours on the first, finally made it up to the second where there's a special tot area. Climbing sliding hiding around every corner. I had to feign a necessary diaper change just to give the girl a break and cram some calories down her throat so she wouldn't just melt. Hours and hours of fun. Next time we will find a restaurant with some good french fries and take a dedicated break in between floors, then come back and further explore. And we may have to become members.
This is just what she looks like after several hours at the museum, nursing in the car before heading home, munching on the core of my apple in the car on the way home, and after at least two dozen nosey wipes. Like she had fun, like she's just realizing she's hungry, like she'll have to be convinced that she absolutely needs a nap.

Here's to the next great blogging year, and fun little anniversaries, too.


A.K. said...

Great job on the new banner!!!

Megan said...

I love the new banner. It is always nice to find something that the kids love to do.

Samantha said...

I love the new banner picture!

Tasha said...

Happy blogging anniversary.....It was your blog that inspired me to start up. thanks.. Loooove the new banner and look forward to seeing it for a while. Your pics are so dang excellent. Loooove them lots. And, after this comment I'm going to check for some local kid museums for the J-bug....