Sunday, February 25, 2007

The Big Snow Weekend.

The weekend starts on Friday, does it not? And how do you make a little girl's Friday? It's really very simple:

Go to Leigha's for breakfast.
Go with Leigha and her mommy to the Children's Museum where you can paint your face.
Come home to find a heart bunny card from Gramma and Grampa.
Pizza Friday.

Add to that a weekend of fingerpainting, play-doh, a fun dinner at friends who have a cute dog, dressing up in her swimsuit, and tons of snow today, and you really get one super happy girl.


Megan said...

Looks like Alla likes to play in snow! I love that she wants her bathing suit on in February. How cute.

Susie said...

that's a whole-lotta snow! Love the swimsuit over the shirt and tights (pants?)- is she missing the beach?

Susie said...

I love that picture with the door slightly open - cool cool shot :)

Katy said...

Fun pictures! We had the big snow/ice weekend.
and visits from Grandma are the best, aren't they?;)

Amy said...

Love your photos and the weekend recap--sounds like it was wonderful! It makes me eager for the days when Hayden will be playing with finger paint--he's totally adorable and precious now, but just not very interactive! Alla is such a sweetheart!

tasha said...

Gosh, sooo fun. Looove the fun in the snow.

Amanda Cowan said...

I love the pics!! Yeah, we're having a bit of inside-craziness here too. But with us, it's just not being sure how long we'll be out before the rain will pour. You guys definitely have the worse end of the's beautiful to look at! But hard on the toddlers who just want to play!

suethomas40 said...

Glad to see you're all enjoying the snow!!!!!! Love all the photos, j.j.!!!!