Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Twelve on Tuesday: The Tagged Edition.

I'm using Erin's game of tag to squeeze in two more blurbs today.

6 Things That Make Me Weird:

1. I don't like Oreos.

2. When I make Alla pasta (mac n cheese), I like to go through the pot and eat all the shells that have gathered all that cheesey goodness in their holes.

3. Thanks to Ron (who is also weird), I now tuck my socks into my pajama pants at night to keep warm. (Thanks to Ron in two ways - it is he who keeps the heat so low, and he who taught me about this valuable but weird little method.)

4. Have I mentioned my marshmallow obsession?

5. I've resorted to working out twice a day, mostly for the warmth factor.
6. Ron caught me under the table in the last sun patch of the day on Saturday afternoon. Who am I, the cat?
6 Things That Make Me Happy:
1. All things morning: her in bed with me, exercise, coffee, long breakfast, my red bowl full of yogurt a la granola, sunshine.
2. The sound of Ron opening the door in the evening.
3. Grey's. Is there anyone left not watching this show?
4. Elizabeth Mitchell, John Mayer, & Jack Johnson.
5. A new issue of Real Simple.
6. Looking forward to date night this weekend.
**I tag Megan and Aaron!


A.K. said...

i'm with ya on the new issue of real simple- its like a little bit of christmas each month when that magazine shows up!

Susie said...

ooh, ooh, new rs out there? maaybe i'll skip to the mailbox tomorrow.

i love the mental image of you huddled up in the sunspot.

AaronF said...

OkyDoky. I'll oblige your tag asap, but I'm really not weird. I'm the epitome of normalcy. If you averaged all citizens of the United States the result would be less normal than me.

tara said...

love that photo.
i had been working out two times a day but then i stopped losing weight. and i got sick. take it easy.
love denise austin thougH!
i have one of her many books!

AaronF said...

Since this blogger software doesn't seem to handle trackbacks here you go: http://www.nblogn.com/2007/02/14/blog-tag/