Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Just caught up last night on Grey's from last week. Holy jeez I'm so happy that Kristina has become a human and decided to marry Burke.

2. I am completely obsessed with dark chocolate chips (thanks Tara) and marshmallows. This is a divine combination. We got a new bag on Saturday, and I'm finishing it tonight. With very little help from Alla.

3. My super husband has me hooked up with a wireless workstation now.

4. Alla's art project today: shaving cream all over the bathroom mirror. 5. IT warmed up to 4 degrees today. Above zero.

6. Have you visited 3191? Serious beauty happening over there. I check in once daily. Ok, I check in a few times, just to get my fill. I hope those ladies are considering a book of these beautiful photographic musings at year's end. I'm in for a copy.

7. Another cool website: kiddley, for all things kids + crafts.

8. Monday nights are big TV nights here with 24 and Heroes. Ron catches Prison Break, too. Well, we record them all and watch them at our leisure:)

9. The good thing about it being 4 degrees is that the milk in our outside fridge get so nice and slushy, just the way I like it.

10. Every now and then, Ron gets extra credit for capturing things like this.


Megan said...

I love that picture of you and Alla. Just great. Good ten!

Susie said...

lots and lots of extra credit- that's a fabulous photo!

I'm a little afraid to do shaving cream around here. I'm sure all the people under four feet would just eat it up. But maybe...

Jill said...

hi j.j. - it's your hermosa beach friend, jill. i have been meaning to log on and check on how things r going with all of u. i see that alla is getting sooo big and more gorgeous!

heard it is quite frigid in your new home - yikes.

mackenzie will be one in two weeks!! crazy... remember u met her when she was brand new.

we miss u loads.



chicolovesmariah said...

Alla is absolutely adorable!!! I just hope she doesn't run for public office someday. If somebodyd got a hold of this picture...