Saturday, March 10, 2007

Random Saturday Thoughts.

Took the girl sledding today. I am awful, always ending up going down backwards holding onto her for dear life (hers and mine). Awful she must think is good, because when Daddy took her down she shouted good job Alla, Alla's awful!

I had my socks off for a time today. We had the window down halfway in the car. It's 40. Balmy.

Love when she says, Alla got an ouch. And indeed she did somehow get one on her nose at school this week. So we slather it with Mederma and she says, Good stuff for nose. Make feel better. Only that last part sounds like make fuhl betterrrrr. Which is adorable.

Looking forward to Salsa a la Salsa with Matt & Shelly tonight. Alla is, too. See Matt Shelly.

Costco has all their outdoor stuff in. We trudged through the melting snow to find huge hammocks and outdoor seating right next to grills and gardening soil. Must get a table for the deck this year. Going to live up the short warmth we have here. Now I understand when my favorite food magazines start becoming grill magazines, that there you have the beginnings of summer, which we will surely celebrate this year.

Clocks ahead tonight. Looking forward to a longer day tomorrow. Must get Alla out and tired with that extra hour messing up bedtime.

Hope you are all having as lovely a weekend as we are!

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Megan said...

I can't wait to go sledding with the kids. Sounds like a good time. Keep enjoying your weekend!