Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ten on Tuesday.

1. I'm too tired to edit ten pictures to make this a true picture edition of Ten on Tuesday.

2. Alla had an amazing time with her grandparents in Pennsylvania.
3. We came home to this...14-17 inches of snow depending on where you put your foot into it.4. Alla gets airsick like I do. Chewable Drammamine is my new best friend. If anyone has any great suggestions for getting her to take it, feel free to leave a comment. I will send you my life savings if it works. Putting it in a french fry worked well enough this time, but I think she's onto us.

5. Alla came home on Sunday and told Jelly, I missed you Jelly!

6. I missed American Idol last week but have it recorded...is it worth watching?

7. Our neighbors shoveled/snowblowed (snowblew?) our driveway while we were gone. How amazing is that.

8. Alla slept in a twin bed at Grandma's house. In Aunt Renee's bed.

9. Aunt Renee and Aunt Ronna are coming to visit next week!

10. Is tomorrow Wednesday already? Must think of something to do.


Megan said...

Liquid Benedryl works well for motion sickness in kids. We had to give it to Mazie when we were on our cruise. It will make her sleepy but she won't be sick! Lovely photos. I am glad Alla had such a great time with her grandparents. Good job on the big girl bed!

Susie said...

How about getting the oscillating fan out and the bottle of bubbles and letting bubbles fly aruond your house for a fun activity?

I'm kinf of bummed I didn't get to see seven more photos. But I sure like that one of the ruler int he snow. Cool cool shot.

tasha said...

OK, your'e excused for not posting ten pics, but did you have to tell us about it? Now anxious. your pics are gorgeous by the way. Idol is definately worth watching. So cute that Alla missed Jelly (cat, right?) and how about breaking up the dramamine(sp?) and disolving it in a little water or juice. Oh, and what cool neighbors you have.

Wendy said...

My oldest daughter was diapgnosed with insomnia (I didn't know kids could have it, but apparently they can)> Anyways, she takes some nasty pills for it, and they told me to use the under side of a spoon to crush it up, and stir it into just one spoon of ice cream, so they for sure finish it, and then of course give them extra sprinkles or drizzly stuff. She always tastes it in the liquids. Good luck!

Amy said...

Sounds like you had a nice trip to PA. Seems like you've had quite the visits with family lately and they'll continue next week with Ron's sisters. How fun!