Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ten on Tuesday.

1. I realize I let yesterday go by without a 23-month post. So here it is. On the way to school for Picture Day (that lady did NOT know what she was doing!) in her polka dot dress that Catie gave her for her first birthday. Except that it cuts into her chubby little shoulder fat, I'd say it still fits. She picked it out. Kept signing 'dress,' then after thirty minutes of school she wanted it off.

2. I love that our bulbs are pushing up.

3. And blooms on the tree.

4. We're making the cuban flank steak in the crockpot tonight, Mom!

5. Guess who else is excited about spring weather?

6. Well yesterday it was downright summer. 80 degrees.

7. This week we've had strawberries, pineapple, and, today, cantaloupe. Love it.
8. You gotta love those little toes in flip flops from Andrea from her turning one that really don't fit anymore but she still gets a kick out of them. She'd wear those on the way to swimming last year when she was first learning to walk.

9. The red wagon is a fine place to have a snack on a spring day.

10. With a friend.


Samantha said...

I love this post. It is so fun to see Alla being Alla.

Susie said...

I like this post very much. Isn't it funny how you become so critical of school pictures now? And how cute is elmo and Alla together?

Amy said...

Gotta love Elmo! So nice to see Alla being Alla!

Tara said...

I am so happy to see Alla enjoying the swing. She looks beautiful!

melanie said...

could that girl be any cuter? nope!

Anonymous said...

J.J. you really are a wonderful photographer! It helps that little miss alla is soo precious!! Love ya stace

KiaBia said...

Hi JJ. This is random, but you used to be on the DT for Pixie Scraps or something like that? Anyhow, I submitted pix to them one day of my lil' girl and you did a lo using it and as I was spring cleaning the scrap space I found your name on the back of the lo. Too cool. Thanks.