Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ten on Tuesday.

1. Last year we were here in the 3rd week of April and spring had sprung: green grass and flowers. So, the grass is just going to turn green in the next month?

2. Alla is already excited for her second birthday party. She talks about Nana Pappi come visit you everyday.

3. And she sings Happy Birthday to Alla pretty much everyday, too.

4. Today it was 20 when we woke up. Tomorrow's the first full day of spring, so surely there will be spring-y weather.

5. Try Mirassou Pinot Noir.

6. Also try Ikea's 99-cent breakfast and 75-cent coffee. Can't beat $4.23 for breakfast for the three of us. In case you can't figure out the math, Ron splurged and got the $1.99 plate. And couldn't eat it all. Next time I'm trying the lingonberry Swedish pancakes and the Swedish applecake.

7. Just placed a huge order for prints, including three new ones for the walls, and I have frames awaiting their arrival. Love new stuff on the walls. Love Ikea's frames.

8. Took this one over the weekend of Ron & his sisters with Miss Alla. She ate up all their attention.

9. Alla wore this outfit today, but she also wore it on December 1, 2005. Isn't that hilarious? Except for the length in the sleeves and pants, I'd say the outfit was actually tighter at seven months. Thanks again for this, Tara! As an aside, Mom, I don't think this is what you intended when giving Alla this kitchen for Christmas. But it's her favorite thing to do with it at the moment. I guess it's her own private spot.
10. Lastly, I will leave you with Alla's ramblings after her nap today. I had to hurry and grab a pen so I could write it down as she said it, it was so darn cute & poetic:

Moon come down for night-night.
Sit right by the sky.
See it?
Right there.
Sing dream song.


Megan said...

Love the picture of Ron, his sisters, and Alla. Alla should be excited about her birthday. It becomes a big deal when they are first aware of it. Both the girls were excited for #2. They just get more excited every year! Nice ten.

Heather Walker said...

Nice post ... I love that Alla is making up poems! So cute.

tara said...

oh so cute on her!
i remember those pants and shirt on ava!!! LOL!
oh and she reminds me so much of savannah! i wrote down a poem once that savannah said at just about the exact same age. i will have to look it up in her journal now because i cant' remember what it said!!!! something about a bird though, that much i remember. could it be from one of those baby bach videos, the one with all the poetry in it?! can't remember which one that was right now. cause my ol' memory is gone!!!!

Jenny L. said...

Hi J.J. :) I love Alla's ramblings, so cute.

Amy said...

Colorado so needs an Ikea (and a TJ's!). Sounds like you are all doing wonderful. Alla is quite the poet and adorable as ever!

chicolovesmariah said...

Love the picture of the familiy. They are all beautifull ladies! All four of them.

boo arnold said...

singing a lullabye. so precious. we miss you alla. and we are so sad that we will miss your second birthday!! Come Back:)

love yall