Monday, June 25, 2007

How Does Your Garden Grow?

Listen, on Mondays I figure you need something cheerful to start off your week. So here ya go, the little piece of earth that's making me very happy these days.

Alla's marigold, that she grew from seed

Lettuce (when am I supposed to pick it?)

Cosmos, can't wait to have those in a vase

Sunflowers, can't wait to see Alla's face when those bloom

Zucchini growing like madAnd basil, which I hope will make a lovely pesto


Tara said...

That is so awesome - thank you for making me smile.

Susie said...

This is totally making me smile :) I wish I had some type of green thumb, but it's black as can be. Sarah has been watering pots with nothing in them for weeks so today we finally put some perennials in there. We'll see, but I am so excited for you all!

chicolovesmariah said...

JJ, you are the bomb! In Mariah's family, all they do is pick the vegetables and maybe sell them by the side of the road. Now when can we see Ron's buttercups?

Megan said...

Alla is going to be so proud of her little flower. I was about her age when I grew my first plant. I called it my human bean plant. It was a lima bean plant.

Amy said...

So yummy and so pretty! I look forward to the weekly update!

And those outer lettuce leaves look ready to me. . . that's the one thing we've been able to grow out here in Colorado. If you wait too long, the leaves get tough. Tough lettuce is not a good thing!

A.K. said...

love those! looks like the lettuce is ready to pick... how do you really know?

Can you take a picture of the full garden- I wanna see how you set it up and have it all positioned... are they all close together? I guess I need to start learning these things seeing we are moving into a house in about 3 weeks! Time to start being a gardener!

kanb said...

Your plants look GREAT! I am trying a garden but it doesn't look as good as yours. Your zucchini is much bigger. Last year half of what I planted failed because we didn't have the sunlight that we needed. This year we have had much better weather...I just hope I get a veggie from it. Looks like you will have several!!! Awesome!!!