Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ten on Tuesday.

1. First off, Thanksgiving re-cap. We had the honor of spending it with Susan and Eric and Evan, who shared the cooking with us! This is the absolute way to go, let me tell you.
2. For some reason we cooked a 21 pound turkey. And it was goooooooood.
3. For yet another year in a row, Alla did not like the Thanksgiving feast. Oh, except Ron's rolls, but, come on, bread? What's not to like? She even went so far as to gag on one measely little cranberry.
4. And how does any American family start off Thanksgiving morning?
5. By going out to get the HUGE Thanksgiving ad-filled paper, of course!
Ok, now back to regularly scheduled programming, namely, those California pictures that I want to share!

6. Beautiful hostess Katie told me that we were having a shower for Cathy, who is having baby no.2 in December. After all was said and done, however, I learned it was a joint shower for the two of us! And with the yummiest Chinese Chicken Salad EVER.
7. For her Baby Joey and our Baby Pondegore:) That cake was divine. Thank you, Sara.

8. Sara and Adam (one of her two lovelies) catching a breath. Having four moms and five kids over for a simple brunch playdate - not as easy as you'd think. Again, thanks girls.

9. The mommies: Sara, Katie, Cathy, me.

10. And all the kids! Alla, Jake, Adam, Johnnie, and Kelsea.


Megan said...

I miss those mommies and kiddos. I can't believe how big they all are (kiddos not moms)! Everyone looks great. Miss you all.

boo arnold said...

ohh that's too fun! surprise baby shower and a surprise virtual baby shower!! november is YOUR month!!

Susie said...

Love Black Friday ads. Love 'em. I didn't even get anything on sale, though!

Susan said...

Oh we had so so SOOOO much fun too!
everything was delish.
i think we should do a thanksgiving take two in june.
think about it and get back to me ;)
and keep the cali pics coming, they are FUN to see!!!

Katie Love Laughrey said...

21 pounds, really?? You must be having lots of turkey leftovers! Love the shower pictures!