Wednesday, November 14, 2007

From the other camera.

Being in the wedding party means you don't get to drag your giant camera all over the place to get all the shots you want, but of course there are perks to being in the wedding party;) Luckily Ron could put his teensy camera in his tux pocket so we have some documentation of the days' events.

One of the best parts for Al was hanging out with her cousin Emily. They found rocks and showed them off.The groomsmen all in line waiting for their ride in the Hummer. One of the best parts of the wedding for me was having all of my brothers and sister there. Don't remember when we were all last in a photograph together...and I'm sure there's one out there, I just don't have it. John & Jenn getting in the limo for our ride to the reception.

Josh and Ron and I in the limo. I was the only one toasting with water. Oh the glories of pregnancy.And, last one for today, Alla watching Uncle Josh and Aunt Kyra's airplane at the San Jose airport. She couldn't wait for ours to come so she could get on it to go see Kelsea!


Amy said...

Lovely pics (this post and last)! Great to see your whole family together!

Norina said...

There's that baby doll again! Something tells me she has a million dolls but for whatever reason this naked one is the best one right?! So cute!