Thursday, May 15, 2008

Last day of school.

We're both a little sad around here. For our separate reasons, Alla and I both *heart* Thursdays. But it seems this good thing must come to an end. That is, until preschool starts in the fall! I know one little boy who won't be sad about the end of the school year, though. No more waking him up to drag him there!
It is such a bummer that I had to snap this so fast that it's blurry. Ah well. This is how I catch him sleeping sometimes.
This is Kelli, Alla's main teacher, whom she adores along with Kathy, Jane, and Jill. Thank you all for being wonderful teachers and caretakers of my daughter all year.

There is a giant hill outside that door number five that is just a huge temptation everyday when the kids are released. Particularly fun on warm days and snowy days. We are usually just trying to get into the car, but today Fisher was fast asleep in the car waiting for us, so Alla got to take off running for the dandelions. What is it about that, well, weed, that the kids just love? She calls them sunflowers sometimes, and she brings them to me. We're trying to rid the yard of them, and she's bringing me handfuls to put in water. I love her. I'm so proud of you, Alla. Next year it's onto the big time: preschool!


Katherine said...

Aw, so cute!

I still love Dandelions. They never got out of my system!

Tara said...

Ashby starts preschool in the fall and I am already overwhelmed with emotions. I am happy she will have friends to meet and play with but sad that she is growing up so quickly. So quickly.

I love both their smiles - priceless.

Megan said...

Alla will love being in Preschool. I love Fisher's sleepy smile. Can't wait to squeeze them both in a few weeks!

Cathy Bolander said...

Yay Alla. Sorry you lose your alone time with Fisher, but you will get it back in the fall.

Amy said...

I'll take dandelions from that sweet little face any day!

Marie said...

can't wait for lily to start preschool (and not just for the free mornings ;)

fish is getting so big! what an absolute cutie :)

Katie said...

too sweet. we miss you guys.