Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Ten on Tuesday: the almost-Thursday edition.

1. This little guy turned two months old on Monday. Seriously.
2. Alla has been a complete dear lately. Ok, I mean, I guess I shouldn't go overboard or anything, I mean she gets out of bed like three times before actually going to sleep, and then often once at night gets up for a hug. But she's been Mama's super helper during the day, and that's made the days so nice.
3. She loves this bubble maker:)
4. Great outside fun.

5. The poor kid. I don't have any two month stats for him. His appointment got rescheduled for next Tuesday. So missing Bright Beginnings, for those of you who know what I mean. Walking a mile with baby in stroller just to get weighed on.the.exact.anniversary.of.birth. Ah, well. You're heavy, Fish. I'll tell you that much.
6. See what this is here? Mm-hmmmm, that's the Ron Killins smirk on the little guy. Already.
7. Speaking of that smirk, Dada's got a birthday coming up tomorrow.
8. This was the day when she made up the "It's a beautiful day" song. And those are the only lyrics and it just repeat repeat repeats. And there's a dance to go with it, too. You are missing out.9. Another good song to sing is "Is This Love" by Bob Marley. I mentioned previously how Fisher is incredibly soothed by the reggae tunes, so it's in heavy rotation here, meaning Alla is learning the lyrics, or, rather, her version of them. So instead of is this love is this love is this love is this love that i'm feeling, we get oh this love is this love is this love is this love is a beaver. Yes you read that right. Sing it to yourself. I bet you cannot stop cracking up.
10. Been doing some much needed garage spring cleaning, and that means getting rid of like 6 years of Cooking Light. Seriously. Can one person even cook that many recipes in a lifetime? So I've been tearing out stuff I want to try or that I dog-eared ages ago, and we've tried half a dozen new recipes lately that have been big hits. Tonight, to go alongside our grilled chicken, we had this yummy risotto.
Happy Tuesday, er, Wednesay, er, pretty much Thursday all!


Susie said...

Oh that bubble maker looks like oodles of fun! Must. Have. One.

Dre said...

is it me or is ron getting cuter? :)
Happy Birthday Ron!

Marie said...

lily about loses her mind over bubbles. must. have. one. too.

erin said...

I was totally missing you on Tuesday! :)

That shot of Ron and Fish is perfection!

Printing of your recipe as I type. Martha Stewart has an oven baked risotto that's plain and I'm all about mixing it up with different fixins...this looks perfect! Let me know if you want the recipe because stirring risotto STINKS! :)

Sara said...

I am so impressed. It sounds like you have found your groove if you are actually spring cleaning. Hope little man is sleeping good for you and that you are getting some rest here and there too.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday, Ronald! I'm gonna be singing Alla's version of "is this love" all day now!

Sue Thomas said...

Can't get that new version of the Bob Marley song out of my head - lol!!!

Megan said...

The girls are now dancing and singing Miss Alla's version of Bob Marley (mama too) with lots of laughing, although they don't know why we are laughing. We can't wait to see that bubble maker in action (in 9 days!). We love bubbles around here too. I love that picture of Ron and Fish. He has his eyes and that little smirk! Happy Birthday Ron.

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Ron!

Two months already wow!

Such great photos!

Susan said...

i love all the updates
i cant take the baby fisher CUTENESS!!!!
and the bubblemaker pics.
awesome ;)