Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ten on Tuesday.

1. What did you do this Memorial Day weekend? Alla and I planted our garden, or most of it. And, er, she didn't do so much planting as digging for beetles and worms. There is a bit of space left that I think will be taken up by either peas if we get seeds, or edamame, if we could find a place to order it online but in quantities of less than 1300 seeds, or a zucchini plant from a neighbor. Last year I thought zucchini would be great (zucchini bread!) and then I got pregnant and that sounded filthy, so this year I might be back on the zucchini. We will see.

2. A few of the wormy friends that she just carried around for like half an hour, showing them the garden and 'the whole world,' as she says.
3. Our wonderful neighbor Renee turned 50, and since she loves flamingos, she woke up to a sea of fifty flamingos in her front yard on birthday morning. I thought that was the sweetest.
4. This is the real picture of Ron's birthday cake. He suggested that she might love it even more than he does. I mean, she licks her plate. Literally.

5. I believe there was a birthday three years ago where he held a three-week-old Alla in his arms like this. Gotta find that shot...6. Ah, yes. Here it is. And there is Megan with her famous chocolate cake! 7. Speaking of Megan, have I mentioned that she (and the whole family!!!) is coming to visit on Sunday!?!! Next Ten on Tuesday might have to be a Stahr-Killins Super Ten. Those kiddos are going to have so.much.fun.

8. I was reading in one of my magazines this weekend about unofficial signs of summer. I think this might be it for our family: Mama gets out the shoe basket. We have strict no-shoes-in-the-house rules here, which is pretty obvious for half the year when the weather outside is clearly not what you'd want on your floors inside. But it gets tricky in the warmer months when we're going out front door back door garage door and your shoes aren't always right there. So hopefully with a closet at the front and this basket at the back, everyone can stow one pair of flip flops in each and we'll be mud-free on the inside.
9. I rearranged some of Alla's toys. You know, just moved things around to provide new interest. I put this table up by the front window with a 'jelly jar' (what she calls it) full of colored pencils and a new sketch book on top, thinking she'll sit right down and be so inspired by the view of her tree that she'll just start drawing it. Ha! Within half an hour of her endless thanks for putting her table there, the 'jelly jar,' which is actually just an empty cannister from Trader Joe's chai, became a home for her baby ocean animals. She's all about the containers for things. Better just start getting her neat little containers for her collections.
10. Fisher's two month appointment is today. Stay tuned for a height and weight update.


Megan said...

I remember Ron's birthday three years ago. He was laughing because Mazie was the loudest at singing, of course! We can't wait to get there. Those girls are going to just pick up where they left off, I do believe.

Susie said...

I need me a shoe basket. I think it's meeting me in Ohio, actually.

Marie said...

shoe basket! of course! :)

Sara said...

Love the window pictures. Looks like she is very inspired to create her next masterpiece.

Cathy Bolander said...

Can't wait to hear Fisher's stats. Love the shoe basket idea. Rick thinks it's a great idea too, but won't take his shoes off :-) Love Alla's new table location.

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Ron! I totally remember that day (and the cake).

Your gift is on it's way Ron!. Sorry we're late and even more sorry J.J. (Wallis picked it out)

pakosta said...

these are lovely photos and clips of everyday jj!
LOVe that one of her at her table! recently my girls put their little table up in savannah's room to make a teacher area--they are having so much fun with that! they have a white board, chalk board, school books, supplies etc.