Friday, August 01, 2008

Midnight feasts.

I know I've mentioned the imagination on this kid before but I just really love to watch it unfold each day. It's like she wakes up in the morning with a plan and goes to work on it. Right after breakfast, that is, because if Mama doesn't eat within fifteen minutes of rising from slumber, then you pretty much have to call the paramedics. I believe the concept of the midnight feast came from Word World, though it certainly could have been done under any other name, as the girl uses her kitchen and play food more than any other toy. On this day it was done with pieces of play doh (it was even Word World play doh) that she tore apart for at least an hour and separated into bowls and plates and mugs and spread out the napkins for our lovely morning midnight feast.

Midnight is pronounced mi-night. Look at her being very particular about where it all goes.
And pointing out what each food item is.
And being so proud of herself for making something so lovely for Mommy. I really loved it, Al. And the thirty other midnight feasts we've had this week. Love you.


Megan said...

We need to visit again so I can share in some of those midnight feasts. They look so yummy, Alla!

Amy said...

That is a very beautiful feast. Compliments to the chef! :-)

boo arnold said...

What Fun Alla! I love her little (or BIG) imagination:)


Katie said...

That looks delicious Alla. Kelsea's WW play-doh only seems to end up all over the carpet. (-: Maybe you can teach her how to neatly play with hers?