Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Nicknames - She & He.

She: Al, Alla-Balla, Al-Bal, Al Rees, Alla Rees-y Piece-y, Sugarlump, Babe, Honey, Love.
He: Fish, Fish Bo-Bish, Sugs, Babe, Love. I'm sure he'll earn more as he grows.
Now those are all nicknames that we've given them. But something special happens between siblings: nicknames they give each other. So far that's completely one-sided, obviously, but I'm thinking it will be adorable to see what pours out of his mouth in admiration of his big sis. So far, she's come up with two for him:
Bud-dy. Pronounced BuTTy.
And Fishy. I really cannot stand that last one, coming from anyone else, but from her, it's super sweet and love-filled and just her special special name for him. So it can stay.


Megan said...

That's funny because my brother and I do the same even to this day. Mine for my brother is Joshie and I am the only one who gets away with calling him that. He calls me Megs and is the only one who gets away with it. Something about having our own language together!

Susie said...

Okay, but you didn't even mentiont hat red bedding! but why not Fishy?

Nicknames around here- Sarah calls Ashleigh "Kitty" and Lolo "Mousie". Ash couldn't pronounce Bean and always said Ding. But now Sarah hates "bean" and prefers Ding. It's so weird. Lo can't talk yet, 'm sure something will come out soon in the form of lovie names! Fun post!

erin said...

Aw, how sweet is that?

So glad to see you blogging. I missed 10 on Tuesday this week. It's always a bright spot in my week. :)

And, yes, I miss you too on Hello. Ugh. Still makes me mad!

Marie said...

dude has started creeping into my vocabulary :)

and good heavens looking at fish, charlie has a LOT of hair!

Dre said...

i think "fishy" is so super cute!
did you get my email?

pakosta said...

we totally have a million nicknames in our family too....so fuNNY!
i need to do a post about our sometime, though i think i did one of savannah a long time ago. sweet photo of al!

Sue Thomas said...

What a sweet, sweet post, j.j.!!!!

SanJosemommyof2 said...

Lol on the nicknames.. We call Grace Gracie.. but that is about it.. except for the honey-sweetheart type nicknames.. Cate has more.. Trouble being the biggest one. But we call her Caty-bo-baty the most. Because when she was super young Grace was really into the Name Game song.. and so it stuck. I also call her Caty-Cat sometimes.. But Caty-bo-baty is the big one..hehe