Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Ten on Tuesday: The Five Months Edition.

1. First of all, what on earth? My son is five months old? Really? I mean yesterday he was five weeks and it was Alla's birthday and still cold and he was teensy weensy.

2. He loves to be held. What baby doesn't?! The gymini, so-so, maybe 10 minutes. The bouncer, so-so, maybe 5-7 minutes. The saucer, likes it slightly better, maybe 12 minutes if he's in a good mood. The real winner is the crib/mobile set-up, which is a good 20 minute activity for him. Unless he gets his foot stuck in the crib. Then it's over.

3. He's a professional roller.

4. Loves to sleep on his right side, curled up to his lovey, with his two fingers in his mouth.

5. Also sleeps on his belly comfortably, most of the time, that is.

6. Super cuddly.

7. So ticklish: thighs, sides, ribs, under-arm-baby-flab, elbows.

8. Loves to swing. Nope we didn't wait til five months. Hey, we've got winter on the horizon here, better use it while we can.

9. Hates the bottle, don't even remember the last time we tried.

10. Cooperated with Mama for a five-month picture:)
We love you, little man. Now don't go getting bigger. I was all emotional when Alla turned six months old and I don't think I can go through that again.


Sue Thomas said...

Beautiful photo, j.j. and I love how you've captured his personality here!!!

Megan said...

I love that first photo. Jacob is ticklish everywhere too. I can actually act like I am going to tickle him and he will laugh so hard we have to stop so he can catch his breath. So funny! In my experience, it got harder with each child at the 6 month birthday. Good luck with that. Happy 5 months, little Fish!

pakosta said...

he's so PRECIOUS!
enjoy the holding now because soon he will be an independant one running all over and you won't get him to sit stilL! he is soooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!

Renee said...

Ahh, JJ, make them stop growing...I'm beginning to feel old! Alla and Fisher are so adorable together...I can tell that they'll be best friends as they grow older :)

Amy said...

Thanks for capturing "him" for us, especially since we haven't met him in person. Lovely shots to commemmorate him at this age!

Dre said...

i totally love that first picture! that is a great shot! he way too cute! 5 months did go by ridiculously fast... anyway, really enjoyed your fisher 10 this week :) xoxo dre

Marie said...

this month has absolutely flown by. love the photos!

Samantha said...

He's so stinking cute!

Cathy Bolander said...

Such cute photos. Joey is ridiculously ticklish too, which was weird for me because Johnnie isn't at all. How big is Fish?

Norina said...

I don't think you can ever really appreciate how fast time flies until you have a baby of your own. It really does go by too fast! I am right there with you wishing I had the ability to make it all stand still. (((hugs)))

Heather Walker said...

Love the pics of Fisher -- can't believe how fast time has gone by. I actually handled Kelsey's 6-month b-day ok -- I am having anxiety over the one-year b-day though. I feel like it's coming up too fast!

Katie said...

Oh dear, 5 mos already? That is crazy. I feel like you should still be pregnant? I still remember the photo shoot you did of Kelsea at 5 mos? Think you could fly out for the next baby's 5 mos photo shoot? (-: